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Dave Cheng - Amateur Rugby Podcast Interview

#25 – David Cheng

David Cheng a Rugby Development Coach for the RFU is my guest this week. Chengy and I first met on a training pitch around 7 years ago and we’ve pretty much done nothing apart from talk rugby ever since. This interview was recorded on New Year’s Eve in 2019 and

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Mark 'Moxy' Collier - Amateur Rugby Podcast Interview

#24 – Mark Collier

Mark ‘Moxy’ Collier and I were team-mates for Cheltenham Colts back in the early ’90s when our hair was long and our shorts were short – we had our whole lives ahead of us! This interview was recorded in December of 2019 and we talked about how Moxy made himself an integral

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James Waterhouse - Interview

#23 – James Waterhouse

James Waterhouse is my guest this week. His story of struggle, mismanagement and eventual bitterness over life playing Championship Rugby will only make the RFU’s decision to slash funding for that level of the game seem even more scandalous. This interview was recorded in December of 2019 and its release

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James Inglis - Interview

#22 – James Inglis

James Inglis and I were team-mates at Esher Rugby Club where I learnt from him what it meant to be a serious rugby player. This interview was recorded in December of 2019 and he told me what it was like to be one of the very first Academy players in

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Amateur Rugby Podcast Interview - Dave Phillips

#21 – Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips – ‘Mr Dartfordians’ has been a member of the Dartfordians club since leaving school and has held almost every role within the club over 50 years.  This interview was recorded in December of 2019 and Dave told me the secrets of keeping a club flourishing in this modern age

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Amateur Rugby Podcast Interview - Peter Short

#20 – Peter Short

Peter Short, the former Leicester Tigers, Narbonne and Bath lock forward is my guest this week. Shorty and I caught up in December of 2019 in Dorset, where he now works and lives to talk about the early days of professionalism, what it was like to be involved at Leicester

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Interview - Greg Curtin

#19 – Greg Curtin

Greg Curtin and I are Nomad friends, we met at a big floating conference on a cruise ship in the sea. We then spent 3 weeks living on a beach in Brazil with a load of other nomads where we surfed, worked, did Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even took part in an

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Interview Stephen Corlett

#18 – Stephen Corlett

SHOWNOTES ‘Taff’ and I played together for many years – bound up in the front row for both Old Colfeians and Kent. This interview was recorded November of 2019 in Amsterdam, where he’s now living, to discuss a multitude of topics and some favourite stories ranging from why amateur rugby is

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James Griffiths interview

#17 – James Griffiths

SHOWNOTES My guest this week is Hollywood Movie director – James Griffiths. Griff was also my team-mate and captain at Old Colfeians but being a Hollywood Movie director sounds somewhat more impressive. This interview was recorded in September of 2019 and it went in all manner of directions. It really

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Geoff Griffiths interview

#16 – Geoff Griffiths

SHOWNOTES Geoff and I met playing for Esher RFC which was one of 4 Championship clubs that he represented. Geoff was a powerful three-quarter and played a lot of 7’s also. This interview was recorded in September of 2019 and we chatted through Geoff’s career and he shared his thoughts

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