Creating a Podcast

Creating the Amateur Rugby Podcast was a brand new venture. I had never undertaken anything like this before so I thought I would document the journey so that it may help others.

Below is a YouTube playlist of all the things I learnt when putting the podcast together.

And if you need any of the kit I mention then all the links are below.

Podcast kit

Here is a list of all the kit I use to record, edit and produce the podcast:

This portable audio recorder has amazing sound quality and can be used in many different ways.

I use my Samsung S8 to record all my Facebook live videos and take the photos for the episode artwork and this website. The picture quality is outstanding.

To help with the stabilisation of my video footage, I use this excellent phone gimbal.

It allows me to concentrate on talking to my guest rather than worrying if the footage is stable and horizontal.

The H4N requires a high quality memory card and there are few better than this one.

Headphones are absolutely vital. It means that you are hearing what the H4N is recording and they have saved me many times from recording substandard audio.

These Pulse headphones from Motorola are affordable, good quality and can be used with or without a lead.

If you are recording outdoors then this mic cover will vastly reduce wind noise. It also acts as a pop filter to help produce the best quality audio.

The H4N can chew through battery life, so a power lead will save on battery expenses and mean you don’t run out of juice mid-interview.

This Mini USB cable will allow you to connect your H4N directly to a computer and record onto the hard drive. 

This has greatly improved my workflow and I highly recommend this method if you have a computer with you.

I use StreamYard to create my Facebook LIVE episodes of HOT TOPICS. The process is seamless and effortlessly enables me to stream directly to my Facebook page, including live chat features and various overlay and branding options.

Mentioned on the show

The following items have been mentioned on the show. Please enjoy.

The amazing Lynn Evans guest of Episode 26 has written a book and according to Stuart Barnes  “This is a book urgently in need of being read.”

To find out why, and to get yourself a copy, click the Buy Now button below.

Floyd Steadman was mentioned by his brother-in-law, Phil Westren in Episode 54.

Floyd has prevailed against immense odds, prevailing not with anger, argument or hysterics, but with persistence, dignity and integrity. ‘A Week One Summer’ is his story.

This is a book authored by a future guest. Alex Cassidy has combined amateur rugby, concussion issues and mental health into stunning debut novel.

This is an essential read for anyone with an interest in rugby union. It transported me back to my 20’s, playing Old Boys rugby in London.

Ben Mercer from Episode 14 authors this great book about life on the edge of Professional Rugby.

Stephen Corlett from Episode 18 mentioned this book which is an inspiring yet practical guide for transforming limitations into opportunities.

Lynn Evans from Episode 26 mentioned this book by Ray Williams which was one of the games original rugby bibles.

* The above links are Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase anything after clicking one of those links – it won’t cost you a penny more – I will get a small cut to help keep the content flowing here at The Amateur Rugby Podcast. *

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