#26 – Lynn Evans

Lynn Evans is my guest this week.

Without a doubt this episode is the one that has been most looked forward to by you.

I’ve been receiving messages for months asking when it was due to air and just this week, Dan Cottrell said “Wow, what a guest. One of the original thinkers. Games in training owe a massive debt to this guy” and Russell Earnshaw described Lynn simply as a “Hero”.

This interview was recorded in January of 2020 and Lynn took me on a lovely journey through his life from growing up as a boy in Wales, joining the RAF, playing for Oxford and Oxfordshire in the County Championship. We then went deep into his love of coaching and his two major coaching influences Chalkie White and Pierre Villepreux.

I found Lynn delightful and engaging and if I have half of his energy when I’m in my 80’s I will be incredibly grateful.


You can contact Lynn on email – lynnevans47@gmail.com

Exeter Uni (https://www.exeter.ac.uk/)

Oxford Uni (http://www.ourfc.org/)

Kingham Hill School (https://www.kinghamhill.org.uk/)

Littlemore Rugby Club (https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/littlemore

LE PLAISIR DU MOUVEMENT (https://www.lpm-rugby.org/en/home/)

Rugby for beginners by Ray Williams (https://amzn.to/3awHp7x)


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Lynn Evans - Post Interview for The Amateur Rugby Podcast

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