Best rugby gifts for Christmas 2022

Check out my curated list of the best gift ideas for rugby lovers this Christmas. If you don’t find your perfect rugby present within this list then there are links to even more rugby Christmas goodness at the bottom.

We have rugby gifts in the following categories:

Rugby Christmas Clothing gift ideas

Everyone needs a Christmas Jumper and every rugby enthusiast needs THIS Rugby Christmas Jumper.

OK, well if not THAT Rugby Christmas Jumper, what about this one?

It even includes a clever (and hilarious) play on words!

Last Rugby Christmas Jumper opportunity – Do you want to be The Rugby Elf?

Do your relatives like to have the heating on high? Maybe a Rugby Christmas T-Shirt would suit you better?

Rugby Christmas Kit gift ideas

Keep those legs warm on cold winter training nights. Or,if you’re brave enough you can even wear them in matches now!

There’s never a bad time for a new pair of boots – how about these smashers from Adidas?

The Pros don’t wear this kind of thing anymore, but I know you Amateurs still do. Plus, it’s called Body Armour – who wouldn’t want that?

Rugby Christmas Training gift ideas

Missing your rugby over the festive period? Want to train but the whole family is too full of turkey and Christmas Pud? Get the Solo Skills ball to keep your passing and catching skills sharp.

I’m not sure this is a serious training aid, but it could be hilarious after a few glasses of wine on Xmas day.

Please drink (and tackle the Big Hit Tackle Buddy) responsibly.

Quite simply the best and easiest way to keep those boots clean – just try not to use it in the kitchen…

Rugby Christmas Book gift ideas

My No.1 pick in Rugby Books this year.

Our game is at a pivotal point. Steve Thompson’s story (amongst others) might be the catalyst for huge change.

“Despite the constant reminders of what has been lost, and what is still to lose, Steve’s powerful story is one of hope and courage. Unforgettable stands as testament to the ultimate strength of the human mind – and to a man no longer pushing himself to the limit for competition, but for his own place in the world.”

“A hilarious and, at times, moving and soul-searching account of rugby union’s rollercoaster days in the 1990s, told through the eyes of a player who saw it all as the sport lurched shambolically from the crazy final days of amateurism into the professional era.”

Floyd Steadman was mentioned by his brother-in-law, Phil Westren in Episode 54.

Floyd has prevailed against immense odds, prevailing not with anger, argument or hysterics, but with persistence, dignity and integrity. ‘A Week One Summer’ is his story.

I supported My Name’5 Doddie Foundation on this year’s Great Rugger Run.

“Join Doddie as he lifts the lid on what his life with MND has really been like, both in public and in private. Being Doddie, there’s always lots of laughter and an incredibly positive attitude, but it’s also a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a battle Doddie will continue to tackle with his trademark dignity and legendary humour. And it’s a fight he remains determined to win.”

Created by The Amateur Rugby Podcast for the serious rugby player in your life.

As you know, I’m a massive rugger-law-bore, so this book is right up my alley.

“In an effort to provide some much-needed clarity, Paul Williams takes an irreverent, hilarious, p*ss-taking tour through the labyrinth that is rugby’s rule book – or, for the pedantic, rugby’s law book.”

The rise of the Exeter Chiefs from the lower leagues to a League and European double is the stuff of fairytales. All done with a traditional and strong culture.

I was fortunate to meet Mr Kitson at a pre-match lunch recently and he was delightful company, I’d recommend you buy the book based on that alone!

This is a book authored by a future guest. Alex Cassidy has combined amateur rugby, concussion issues and mental health into stunning debut novel.

This is an essential read for anyone with an interest in rugby union. It transported me back to my 20’s, playing Old Boys rugby in London.

Joe Marler is one of the most fascinating characters in rugby. This is his hilarious, unfiltered truth about being a rugby player – from the horsey’s mouth.

For the complete rugby bore. You know who you are. 🙂

And how could I not include – Ben Mercer from Episode 14 authors this great book about life on the edge of Professional Rugby.

If you didn’t find a book to inspire you from my choices then try this Rugby Book list!

Rugby Christmas Toiletries gift ideas

We all need a wash-bag. Might as make it a rugby ball wash-bag!

Soothe those aching muscles with the rugby players’ bubble bath.

Rugby Christmas Stocking Filler gift ideas

An absolute essential for the England Rugby fan in your family!

If you need more time with a ball in your hands than just training and match days, then get this rugby ball pencil case. For the true rugby enthusiast!

Classy, stylish; carry your cash to the bar in one of these leather rugby wallets.

With rugby being a winter sport (for now), every rugby supporter needs a hip flask to carry a wee dram to keep the cold at bay.

Come on… Who doesn’t love a wooden puzzle on Christmas Day? And it’ll look nice on your mantle-piece all year round too.

Top Trumps. Rugby. I need say no more…

The essential rugby phone accessory!

If you didn’t find anything to inspire you from my choices then try this Rugby Gift List or this Christmas Gift List.

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