Best rugby gifts for Christmas 2023

Check out my curated list of the best gift ideas for rugby lovers this Christmas. If you don’t find your perfect rugby present within this list then there are links to even more rugby Christmas goodness at the bottom.

We have rugby gifts in the following categories:

Rugby Christmas Clothing gift ideas

Rugby Elves Christmas T-Shirt

Who doesn’t want to be a rugby elf?

Rugby Christmas Jumper

Everyone needs a Christmas Jumper and every rugby enthusiast needs THIS Rugby Christmas Jumper.

Funny Christmas Rugby T-Shirt

This Xmas Rugby T-shirt is just scrummy!

Driving Home For Christmas Rugby Jumper

OK, well if not THAT Rugby Christmas Jumper, what about this one? It even includes a clever (and hilarious) play on words!

Ho Ho Ho Funny Rugby Xmas T-Shirt

Do your relatives like to have the heating on high? Maybe a Rugby Christmas T-Shirt would suit you better?

The Rugby Elf Christmas Sweatshirt

Last Rugby Christmas Jumper opportunity – Do you want to be The Rugby Elf?

Rugby Christmas Book gift ideas

Throwing the Book

Wayne Barnes is my favourite referee of all time. This is essential reading.


Could everyone just be a bit more ‘Siya’?

Around the World in 80 Minutes

‘A mesmerising, unforgettable journey around world rugby. ‘

The Boys of Winter

The individual player’s stories from 2003, how the World Cup win changed their lives and where they are now…

Rugby World Cup France 2023

Whether you were there or not, this is the book for you!

World Rugby Records

For the complete rugby bore. You know who you are. 🙂

If you didn’t find a book to inspire you from my choices then try this Rugby Book list!

Rugby Christmas Kit gift ideas

Rugby Beanie Hat

It’s cold outside. Get an Eat Sleep Rugby Repeat Beanie on your head!

Adidas Kakari Z.0 Rugby Boots

There’s never a bad time for a new pair of boots – how about these smashers from Adidas?

Gilbert Rugby Shoulder Pads

The Pros don’t wear this kind of thing anymore, but I know you Amateurs still do.

Canterbury Men’s Baselayer Cold Leggings

Keep those legs warm on cold winter training nights. Or,if you’re brave enough you can even wear them in matches now!

Rugby Christmas Training gift ideas

Rugby Fan Novelty Cooking Apron

Christmas is all about cooking. And talking rugby.

Boot Buddy Shoe & Boot Cleaner

Quite simply the best and easiest way to keep those boots clean – just try not to use it in the kitchen…

Solo Skills Rugby Ball

Missing your rugby over the festive period? Want to train but the whole family is too full of turkey and Christmas Pud? Get the Solo Skills ball to keep your passing and catching skills sharp.

Optimum Big Hit Rugby Tackle Buddy

I’m not sure this is a serious training aid, but it could be hilarious after a few glasses of wine on Xmas day. Please drink (and tackle the Big Hit Tackle Buddy) responsibly.

Shuffle Up Rugby Skills & Fitness Game

Don’t get lazy this festive period. Keep up your rugby skills and fitness.

Bootclaw – the pocket mud scraper

Those pitches are muddy this time of year. Don’t take it home with you.

Rugby Christmas Toiletries gift ideas

Real Leather Vintage Style Rugby Ball Washbag

We all need a wash-bag. Might as make it a rugby ball wash-bag!

Remedinature Rugby Players’ Bubble Bath

Soothe those aching muscles with the rugby players’ bubble bath.

Rugby Christmas Stocking Filler gift ideas

Brown Leather Rugby Wallet

Classy, stylish; carry your cash to the bar in one of these leather rugby wallets.

Top Trumps Legends Of Rugby Card Game

Top Trumps. Rugby. I need say no more…

Rugby Ball Pencil Case

If you need more time with a ball in your hands than just training and match days, then get this rugby ball pencil case. For the true rugby enthusiast!

England Rugby Union 2024 Calendar

An absolute essential for the England Rugby fan in your family!

Stainless Steel Rugby Hip Flask

With rugby being a winter sport (for now), every rugby supporter needs a hip flask to carry a wee dram to keep the cold at bay.

‘SHHH I’m Watching Rugby’ Socks

We all need a pair of these!

If you didn’t find anything to inspire you from my choices then try this Rugby Gift List or this Christmas Gift List.

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