#24 – Mark Collier

Mark ‘Moxy’ Collier and I were team-mates for Cheltenham Colts back in the early ’90s when our hair was long and our shorts were short – we had our whole lives ahead of us!

This interview was recorded in December of 2019 and we talked about how Moxy made himself an integral part of that Cheltenham Colts squad even though he rarely got in the team, some awesome rugby club traditions and Moxy’s foray into podcasting as a co-host for the UTS Podcast.


@TheUTSPodcast on twitter

UTS Podcast website – https://www.utspodcast.com/

Ivory Coast at the 95 World Cup – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZcGET4IAsg


Everything I use to create, edit and produce this podcast can be found on my Creating a Podcast page.

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