#28 – Piers Mitchell

Piers Mitchell and I met in Africa in 2017 whilst on a rugby outreach program and I caught up with him at Richmond Rugby Club in January of 2020.

We talked about our time coaching kids in Africa with The Bhubesi Pride, Piers’ self-admittedly limited playing career, some amazing stories about playing rugby around the world, Touch Rugby and how it can be used a development and outreach tool to grow the game, club sustainability, and lastly what it’s like to be a rugby Dad and living life vicariously through his son.

This is one of the most wide-ranging conversations in Amateur Rugby Podcast history, there’s a bit of something in here for absolutely everyone, so sit back, relax and please welcome Piers Mitchell


Piers can be found on Twitter – @piersmitchell1

If you’d like to take him up on his kind offer of 4 tickets for a DMP home game, get in touch via the Darlington Mowden Park website.

Piers also mentioned several other clubs and organisations, check them out below:

Bhubesi Pride

Friends of Rwandan Rugby

England Touch Rugby

Telford Rugby Club

Cardiff Uni Rugby Club

Rosslyn Park

Sedbergh School

Richmond Rugby Club


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