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James Griffiths interview

#17 – James Griffiths

SHOWNOTES My guest this week is Hollywood Movie director – James Griffiths. Griff was also my team-mate and captain at Old Colfeians but being a Hollywood Movie director sounds somewhat more impressive. This interview was recorded in September of 2019 and it went in all manner of directions. It really

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New Year show - Amateur Rugby Podcast

#New Year

Hello Amateurs, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas out there in Amateur Rugby World. Think of all your professional cousins who had to abstain from the mince pies and glasses of sherry! A lot of clubs play an internal club fixture this time of year – Young uns VS

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SHOWNOTES Hello Ho Ho Amateurs. Welcome to this special, super-short Christmas episode of The Amateur Rugby Podcast. I know everyone is very busy this time of year, so I just wanted to give you a quick update about myself and the podcast and let you know some plans for the

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Geoff Griffiths interview

#16 – Geoff Griffiths

SHOWNOTES Geoff and I met playing for Esher RFC which was one of 4 Championship clubs that he represented. Geoff was a powerful three-quarter and played a lot of 7’s also. This interview was recorded in September of 2019 and we chatted through Geoff’s career and he shared his thoughts

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Colm Hannon interview

#15 – Colm Hannon

SHOWNOTES Colm and I are former team-mates at Esher RFC and both fully paid up members of the front-row union. He is one of the most interesting and engaging characters that I have encountered in the game and I was very excited to sit down and chat with him. The

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Ben Mercer interview

#14 – Ben Mercer

SHOWNOTES Now, Ben and I have never actually met, but he came with a very strong recommendation from a former team-mate of both of ours Geoff Griffiths. Ben has experienced all different sides of rugby over a lengthy playing career and his story is one that I really wanted to

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Dave Townsend - interview

#13 – Dave Townsend

SHOWNOTES Cheltenham RFC President – Dave ‘Towner’ Townsend was my coach for Cheltenham Colts back in 1995/96 and is also the father of Matt Townsend from Episode No.2 This interview was recorded in August 2019 at Cheltenham RFC, where we appropriately sat in Colts Corner and chatted about the goals

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Phil Watters interview

#12 – Phil Watters

SHOWNOTES Premiership Assistant Referee Phil Watters and I were team-mates at Cheltenham RFC many moons ago and more recently, he was AR in a game I played for Ealing. This interview was recorded in August 2019 and we talked about playing and coaching the England Police and Phil’s transition into

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Tom Lindsay interview

#11 – Tom Lindsay

SHOWNOTES My guest this week is Bristol Bears hooker, Tom Lindsay. Tom and I first locked horns during a London 1 game between Sutton & Epsom and Old Colfeians. We later went on to become team-mates at both Blackheath and Esher. This interview was recorded August of 2000 and 19

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David Slemen - interview

#10 – David Slemen

SHOWNOTES David Slemen was my captain and fly-half when I played at Esher, so it’s highly appropriate that he should feature in episode 10 of the podcast. This interview was recorded in August 2019 and we chatted about the state of the professional game, lessons from captaincy and skills learned

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