Hello Ho Ho Amateurs. Welcome to this special, super-short Christmas episode of The Amateur Rugby Podcast.

I know everyone is very busy this time of year, so I just wanted to give you a quick update about myself and the podcast and let you know some plans for the year ahead.

I started out this podcast back in September with some very modest goals. 
I had been out of the game for 3 years and was looking for a way to contribute back to the rugby community. My travelling lifestyle meant that a coaching role wasn’t really practical, so, having become obsessed with podcasts I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I also thought it would be a great personal development tool for myself in quite a lot of different areas. 

There is the technology – what to record with, how to edit, where to upload and all the website and social media things that go along with anything in the public domain nowadays.

It would also provide an amazing excuse to reach out to lots of former team-mates, coaches and other important people in the game and spend some time having very deliberate conversations. As a shy introvert, this was a challenge for me but I soon found that podcasting was a very safe space.
I want to thank all my guests. You have all been so generous with your time, energy and honesty and it was a real pleasure catching up with all of you!
I initially announced that I would be recording enough episodes to get to Christmas when I would evaluate the situation, was I enjoying it? Did I see value in it? Did I want to carry on?

It became apparent very quickly that the answer to all of the above was yes, so I’m very happy to announce that I will be carrying on at least until the end of this Amateur season in April 2020. 

I have already recorded 4 great interviews for after Christmas and I am recording a lot more over the festive season.

I normally ask you to tell someone about the podcast in person the next time you’re down your local rugby club, but today I’m going to ask for a Christmas gift from you to help take the podcast to the next level.

Think back to the episode that you enjoyed the most. If you could share that single episode on social media, maybe with a nice little write-up about why you enjoyed it so much and make sure to tag @amrugbypodcast – that will really help get the podcast to new ears and hopefully help me to grow it beyond 2020.

Lastly, to you, my listeners, thank you so much for being there and listening. The show is currently averaging around 200 downloads per episode and that is way beyond what I hoped for back in September.
Thank you, keep listening, and have an amazing Christmas…. and don’t forget to share you favourite episode – do it now!


Everything I use to create, edit and produce this podcast can be found on my Creating a Podcast (https://www.amateurrugbypodcast.com/creating-a-podcast/) page.

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