Tessa Beecroft – Give A Ruck

I chatted to Tessa Beecroft about her journey with mental health and how it inspired her to help others in the rugby community with their mental health. Listen in for an inspirational conversation and some great tips to look after your own mental health and how you can help others with theirs.

Tessa can be found on Instagram (@tessa_beecroft)
Give A Ruck website – https://www.givearuck.com/ and @givearuck on all the socials.

The Great Rugger Run is a 500-mile journey from rugby club to rugby club across the south of England. Find out more at http://thegreatruggerrun.org/ or on the socials @thegreatruggerrun on Instagram, @thegreatruggerrun on Facebook and @RuggerRun on Twitter.


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