Home grown players (not what you think!) – Geraint Reynolds – #139

My guest this week is Forgeside RFC Chairman, Geraint Reynolds.

This interview was recorded in January of 2024 and we talked about Geraint’s playing days in the front-row, what it was like to tour South Africa and the challenges of having to retire at a young age.

We then discussed Foregeside’s incredible idea to create a Community Garden on a spare piece of land that was not being used. It has become an award-winning centre of the community and they have even recruited new players as a result.

There are a ton of great stories in this episode and some incredible value too – I hope you enjoy!


Forgeside RFC – https://forgeside.rfc.wales/

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Forgeside Rugby Community Garden on Twitter – @forgeRFCGarden – https://twitter.com/ForgeRFCGarden


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