#8 – Mike Friday


Mike Friday – Head Coach of the USA 7’s.
Geezer and I have crossed paths in rugby circles in almost every capacity as players, coaches, on the same team and on opposite sides. 
Now I have been retired for some time, it is with great clarity that I can say that Mike is the best coach I ever had – a superb mixture of incredibly detailed technical appreciation, motivational skills and the ability to create a culture that bred excellence are just some of the reasons why I rate him so highly.
This interview was recorded in August of 2000 and 19 and we had an in-depth chat about the achievements and challenges for USA rugby – both the 7’s and the 15-a-side version of the game.
We got into coaching philosophies and Mike shared some genuine coaching knowledge-bombs. If you are a young or new coach then there is some seriously good advice in this episode for you.
And lastly, we talked about Mike’s amateur club – Bromley RFC where three generations of the family Friday are still involved. 


Mike can be contacted on Instagram @mikefriday09, on Twitter @mikefriday09 or LinkedIn – Mike Friday. Get Buzzing – https://www.getbuzzing.co.uk/ use code BURFORD20 at checkout for a 20%discount.


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