#19 – Greg Curtin

Greg Curtin and I are Nomad friends, we met at a big floating conference on a cruise ship in the sea. We then spent 3 weeks living on a beach in Brazil with a load of other nomads where we surfed, worked, did Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and even took part in an Improv Comedy night.

This interview was recorded in December of 2019 in Dubai and we talked about comparisons between Rugby and traditional American sports, Curtin’s extensive experience of playing all around the world, from America to England, Italy, Austria, Uganda, and China! 

Oh, and you can’t miss his story about how he attempted to get a Fijian to play in the NFL!


Greg Curtin Email (gregcurtin@yahoo.com)

Curtin’s website (https://americarex.com/)

Nomad Cruise (http://nomadcruise.com/)


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